Underground Ventilation and Safety Products & Solutions

Underground Ventilation

DUCTING: Patented flexible PVC ventilation ducting for force and exhaust applications in underground mining environments. Click to view our Flexible Ducting Installation video to find out more.

VENT CURTAINS AND BRATTICING: Curtaining and bratticing to create sealed off support structures underground and/or to direct air to specific locations where mine employees are working. Many of these applications are used in coal mines in South Africa. Watch our VENTMESH® Lite Combo and VENTICORSET™ installation videos to find out more.

DUST, AIR AND COOLING CONTROL: Anti-static treated polyethylene or steel housings that use compressed air to ventilate confined spaces. Water can also be applied through a needle valve for cooling and dust control. Many of these applications are used in gold mining in South Africa. Watch our TERRABLAST® Single Nozzle, TERRABLAST® 9×8 Cluster Nozzle and MOUSETRAP™ demo videos to find out more.

Underground Ventilation Ducting Repair and Ventilation Seals

KWIKSTIX™ Ducting Repair Gun: Hand-held suture device to repair holes in flexible ducting with galvanised staples. For more information, watch our KWIKSTIX™ Ducting Repair Gun demo video.

WRAPPADUCT® and SEALADUCT®80: Adhesive and plain PVC plastic films used to minimise leakages along steel ventilation ducting in underground mining applications. For more information watch our WRAPPADUCT® and SEALADUCT® 80 installation videos.

ROKTAK® GUN AND HOPPER: Spray gun that uses compressed air to spray sealant mixture onto bratticing material for added support in underground working areas. Also used for highlighting certain areas underground with white paint (for visibility and demarcation purposes). 

Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

MUHLE MEHLO®: Vinyl coated fibre mesh eye protector that attaches to a standard hard hat. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways of reducing eye injuries when it comes to mining in South Africa and mining in Africa. Watch our MUHLE MEHLO® Eye Protection and MUHLE MEHLO® Spectacles demo videos for more information.

KOPLAP™ Face Protection– “Koplap” means “head rag” in Afrikaans, and provides full face protection through a breathable fabric, eye mesh inserts and non-return valves in the mouth area. For more information watch our KOPLAP™ Face Protection demo video.

TERRATENT™: Clear PVC capsule which connects to a compressed air source and can be used in emergency situations underground.

Escape Route Directional Cones: Directional beacons that guide employees to safe areas in an emergency situation.


WINZEMASTER™ DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM PUMP: The WINZEMASTER™ Double diaphragm pump for is used for mine de-watering. This is a cost effective way to dewater underground mining working areas. For more information watch our WINZEMASTER™ demo video.

Underground Accessories

BUGAMOYA™ DUST PUFFER: Plastic bottle filled with talc used for testing air velocities in confined spaces. This simple device helps to gather information in order to configure underground mining applications.

FAGAMANZI™ Watering Down Device: Hose attachment that allows for easier and more convenient watering down in working areas underground. For more information watch our FAGAMANZI™ Watering Down Device demo video.