Products & Solutions

Underground Ventilation

DUCTING: Patented flexible PVC ventilation ducting for force and exhaust applications in underground mining environments.

VENT CURTAINS AND BRATTICING: Curtaining and bratticing to create sealed off support structures underground and/or to direct air to specific locations where mine employees are working. Many of these applications are used in coal mines in South Africa.

DUST, AIR AND COOLING CONTROL: Anti-static treated polyethylene or steel housings that use compressed air to ventilate confined spaces. Water can also be applied through a needle valve for cooling and dust control. Many of these applications are used in gold mining in South Africa.

Underground Ventilation Repair/Sealing

KWIKSTIX™ Gun: Hand-held suture device to repair holes in flexible ducting with galvanised staples.

WRAPPADUCT® and SEALADUCT®80: Adhesive and plain PVC plastic films used to minimise leakages along steel ventilation ducting in underground mining applications.

ROKTAK® GUN AND HOPPER: Spray gun that uses compressed air to spray sealant mixture onto bratticing material for added support.

Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

MUHLE MEHLO®: Vinyl coated fibre mesh eye protector that attaches to a standard hard hat. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways of reducing eye injuries when it comes to mining in South Africa and mining in Africa.

TERRATENT™: Clear PVC capsule for use in emergency situations underground.

Escape Route Directional Cones: Directional beacons that guide employees to safe areas in an emergency situation.


WINZEMASTER™ DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM MUD PUMP: Double diaphragm pump for mine de-watering. This is a cost effective way to dewater underground mining working areas.

Underground Accessories

BUGAMOYA™ DUST PUFFER: Plastic bottle filled with talc used for testing air velocities in confined spaces. This simple device helps to configure underground mining applications.