Underground Flexible Ducting Repair and Rigid Duct Sealants

TERRAMIN products help to maintain PVC ducting material and to seal leaks in steel ventilation columns.

KWIKSTIX® Ducting Repair Suture Gun, Tape and Ducting Bandages

Our KWIKSTIX® Ducting Repair Suture Gun is a hand-held suture device with a re-loading magazine for galvanised staples. This device repairs damaged flexible ducting (like a stapler).

KWIKSTIX® Tape and Ducting Bandages also offer cost-effective and less hazardous options for repairing ducting (as opposed to glue).

  • Cost-effective
  • Less hazardous than solvents

WRAPPADUCT® Adhesive “Stretch” Film

WRAPPADUCT® is a branded yellow adhesive film that minimises leaks in rigid steel ducting. It has a proven industry track record as a cost-effective solution.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • > 80-90% memory retention