Underground Mine Ventilation and Safety Solutions


TERRAMIN innovates ventilation, dust suppression, gas diffusion and safety solutions for the underground mining industry.


Dust suppression


Our water-atomising dust suppression devices reduce airborne dust, capture particulate matter and dilute flammable gases.



TERRAMIN is a mine ventilation equipment and solutions provider. We innovate and develop products to use “on-face” underground and in confined spaces throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and globally.

With an established market presence of over 43 years, we provide unparalleled solutions backed by well-tested intellectual property (IP) and customer service expertise.

TERRAMIN’s history

TERRAMIN was founded in 1980 when CEO/Founder Martin van Schoor introduced SEALADUCT®, a ducting repair film that sealed leaks in underground steel ventilation columns. After many years of use, we replaced this item with our WRAPPADUCT® adhesive film.

Since inception, we’ve focused on innovating cost-effective and practical mine ventilation products and solutions based on hands-on exposure to gold, diamond, base, precious metal and coal mining operations.

We provide novel solutions to manage airborne dust, hazardous particulate matter and flammable gas underground, in line with Mine Health and Safety regulations.

TERRAMIN’s products and services

TERRAMIN is based in Pretoria, South Africa, with a manufacturing facility in Silvertondale. We employ 38 full-time staff members.

We currently offer the following products, which you can read more about in our Products and Services section:
  • Water atomising devices, nozzles, and other dust suppression applications
  • Force and exhaust ventilation ducting with customised jointing and hanging attachments
  • Flame retardant and static conductive compressed air-powered airmovers for confined space ventilation
  • Ventilation flow control solutions: wall stoppings, in-stope self-set bratticing, sealants and seal construction
  • Eye and face protection for applying shotcrete and sealants and to prevent dust inhalation
  • Low-velocity airflow measuring devices for stopes (coming soon!)

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Underground working conditions require safe, cost-effective ventilation, dust control and safety equipment.

Learn more about how our products and services address common underground challenges below:

Dust Suppression

TERRABLAST® water atomising nozzles use compressed air and water to generate plumes and sub-micron particle aerosols that coalesce with and capture dust, harmful particulates and vapours.

We specialise in improving working conditions in confined spaces underground so that post-blast re-entry periods can be reduced, allowing for enhanced production.

Additional offerings include our FAGAMANZI® hose attachment device for “watering down” and other dust-allaying methods, such as hydraulic nozzles (which require higher water pressure).

Our flagship dust suppression products include:
  • MOUSETRAP® MK II Blast-activated Dust Suppression Device
  • TERRABLAST® Single Nozzle Stope Atomiser
  • TERRABLAST® 9 x 8 Cluster Nozzle Atomiser
  • FAGAMANZI® Watering Down Device
  • TERRATAK® Footwall Dust Suppression Adjuvants and Applicators

Underground Ventilation

TERRAMIN designs and manufactures underground ventilation products, including PVC ducting, airmovers, ventilation curtains, stoppings and bratticing to direct airflow underground.

Our product range includes:
  • Flexible PVC ventilation ducting for positive (force) and negative pressure (exhaust) applications
  • Anti-static treated polyethylene or steel housings (airmovers) that use compressed air to generate high airflow volumes to ventilate confined spaces
  • Ventilation control curtains and bratticing to create sealed-off support structures and direct air to underground working locations
Our flagship products in this category include:
  • TERRAVENT® FRAS PVC Flexible Force and Exhaust Ducting
  • TERRAJET® Airmover
  • TERRAVENT® Lite FRAS PP (Polypropylene)
  • VENTMESH® Lite Combo (Steel Mesh Reinforced)
  • VENTICORSET® Spring Steel Set “Scoop” Bratticing
  • TERRAVENT® Clear PVC Roadway Brattice
  • TERRAVENT® AQUABRATTICE® Composite Water-Weighted Brattice

Underground Ducting Repair

We supply simple and innovative solutions to repair damaged PVC ducting material and seal leaking rigid steel ducting.

Our product range includes:
  • KWIKSTIX® Ducting Repair Staple Gun, KWIKSTIX® Ducting Tape and Ducting Bandages
  • WRAPPADUCT® adhesive “stretch” film

Mining Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We provide the following solutions for eye and face protection underground:
  • MUHLE MEHLO®: vinyl-coated fibre mesh eye protector that attaches to a standard hard hat
  • KOPLAP® fabric face gaiter/mask (to reduce dust inhalation)

    Underground Mining Accessories

    In addition to our ventilation, dust suppression and safety products, we offer accessories that assist with testing air velocities and spraying sealants underground:

    • BUGAMOYA® DUST PUFFER: a simple “puff-puff” talc bottle that fits easily into a mine belt or pouch
    • ROKTAK® GUN AND HOPPER: a tool for applying paint, plaster or sealant mixtures to “vent frames” and interconnecting X-cut brick walls to create seals underground.


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    Our administrative staff and sales team are available during weekday working hours (8 am- 4pm SAST). 

    Head Office:

      +27 (0)12 346 5180

    Martin van Schoor (CEO)

      +27 (0)82 551 5047

    André du Toit (Sales Manager)

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